Strategic Locations

Our agencies are part of an expansion process based on a system of intelligent links made up of professionals trained in the implementation of
commercial strategy.

Agents are commercial representatives of 4BISS in a specific exclusive area, but they are linked globally through a system of contractual relationships effective and safe.

In other words, 4BISS has devised a format in which agencies establish direct links with Brokers and collaborators in order to guarantee the legality and security of the link process.

After the local creation of these structures, 4BISS assumes the planning function, development and improvement of the link between those who require the implementation operation of the system for its linking.

Both the Brokers and the collaborator take advantage of the benefits of the link generated by 4BISS thanks to the local intervention of the agencies and everyone benefits to the maximum of profitability, but mainly, they expand their capacity to place and attract hotel assets and investments.

The Agencies direct the relationship towards a reliable connection with the market since Incorporating Brokers and collaborators into 4BISS offers them the possibility of establishing immediate links between supply and demand, streamlining the operation and verification procedure based on the conformation of a regulated scheme contractually.

Our agencies are located in the main reference points world of the international hotel market to provide a comprehensive service based on the
direct relationship with the players in the sector.


Place of business: Calle 472 n° 1611, City Bell (1896), La Plata, Buenos Aires.


Place of business: Agent in area

Dominican Republic

Place of business: Agent in area


Place of business: Agent in area


Place of business: Agent in area


Place of business: Agent in area


Place of business: Agent in area


Place of business: Agent in area

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