a planned process

Nothing is Improvised

The services provided by our company have the flexibility demanded by today’s hotel contracting world. From an initial meeting and throughout the planning process to complete the best letter of intent (LOI or MOU), we perfect either the strategic process of acquisition or transfer of the asset or the company’s share package, with the main objective of ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. The link service is in itself a value because it aims at satisfying the needs of both parties. An operation runs the risk of not being successful if it is the product of improvisation, but our “commercial link” does not admit improvisation since it is based on strategic planning from the beginning of the placement or recruitment process.

Usually, hotel asset sale and purchase transactions are analyzed from the point of view of the hotel itself; however, in order for there to be a true link, the placement and/or acquisition process must be balanced, considering direct and indirect factors. Under these considerations, it must be assumed that in this kind of operations both parties (buyer and seller) are equally important, each one takes characteristics to analyze from the other during the decision-making process.

step by step

Process Development

It is essential that the first step is based on building a relationship of trust, which is generated gradually and with concrete signs of a sense of responsibility.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to sign appropriate confidentiality agreements (NDA) with very strict clauses regarding compliance. This ensures us that “information protection” becomes an essential pillar to build trust.

Once the NDA has been signed, the information classification and selection process begins in order to define strategies and objectives based on a SWOT analysis.

Then, a blind dossier of the hotel company or investor is prepared together with a broader placement or fundraising folder with a verification report and legal review.

This first stage ends with the identification of a profile of the best investor or asset.

Once the strategy for the purchase (fundraising) or sale (placement) has been studied, it is brought into our platform under the format of “placement or fundraising criteria” as the case may be, maintaining confidentiality at all times, since such publication will only refer to parameters and in no case may the asset be individualized.

Those interested in moving forward are required to sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) and a letter of interest in order to proceed with the presentation of a more detailed portfolio and a verification report. Legal review and meetings will be organized with representatives of each of the interested parties to move towards the signing of a binding contract.

In link relationships, the presence of the parties is essential because they are the protagonists of the operation and as such must be familiar with the steps that are taken in pursuit of their interests. The link is not intermediation, but is reflected in the full satisfaction of both parties because its essence lies in the search for the missing part to close the deal.

At this intermediate stage, we seek to evaluate and filter the offers with special interest in the parameters defined at the beginning, analyzing capabilities, aptitudes and mainly based on the strategy designed and the objectives sought.

The process is submitted to the parties to move forward with binding proposals, documenting them for the security of the interested parties, and trying to lay the foundations for the last stage.

Once the filters and selection stages have been completed, the closing stage is reached. At this stage, the most important binding decisions are taken with the objective of precisely defining the contractual terms to conclude with the signing of a document that reflects the successful closing of the managed link operation (purchase, sale, lease, management, or mandate).

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